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Jagadeesh N Malakannavar

DevOps, GitOps, Software, Armature Radio, Reiki and Cycling

About Me!


My name is Jagadeesh Malakannavar.

Highly proficient professional software engineer with proven software skills and abilities, as well as 16+ years of experience of overseas project which includes developing software for Business Intelligence, Code Compliance DevOps, GitOps, Engineering Infrastructure, Advanced Network Monitoring, Advanced Book Publishing, and Advanced Financial Tools. Well-rounded creative technical problem solver, extremely quick learner, innovative, self-motivated, trainer, team builder and technical leader with solid software skills.

I specialize in DevOps, GitOps, Automation and System integration. I offer my services to businesses of all size to scale up business by crafting creative solutions. Email me to see how I can be helpful to you.

I do Tecktalks. I love conducting technical workshops.

I live in Bangalore, India. I am a digital nomad.

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