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My Bicycle Journey!

I had a great dream to cycle everyday to work which was about 50 kms round trip. I bought Cannondale Trail 6 bicycle in 2012.

But soon I realized that taking cycle on Bangalore road to work is not a fun but quite risky. This was proved couple times when I was riding bike on ring road. Quite a bad experience clubbed with unwillingness.

Then started using car again. Continued with car till 2015. My bicycle was just lying in garage. It accumulated lot of dust.

Last november I decided to pay attention to my health and decided to use cycle for fitness. As I live very near to Bangalore University, I thought of riding bicycle one hour whenever it is possible. This plan worked well and I started of getting lot of interest in Cycling. On 26th January 2016 Republic day of India, I thought of taking cycle to work once in a week at least one way. Next day morning I took my cycle to work. I carried fully charged cellphone, wouxun radio for communication. I added all ID cards to wallet too. Thinking if something goes wrong then someone can inform family.

To my surprise, ride was so well and it has become one of the life time finest memory for me.I just told about my new adventure in office, my colleagues were impressed too. Many did not believe till I show my cycle in the parking area. Many colleagues were asking me how I could do it. People know me closely were just stunned how could a guy who always drove a premium car with AC on all time with quite loud music, travelled 25 km on shiny sunlight that too in peak hour traffic?

And is continued about a week. After a week of cycling, I announced that if I could cycle for 21 days without a break I would gift new bicycle myself.

To my surprise I magically reached 21 days goal and I just walked in to “Livenup Concepts” bicycle showroom. Met Makarand, store owner, now very good friend of mine. I told him about this change in me. He initially could not believe it but looking at my small weight loss, just he looked agreed.

Then I told that I need a new MTB. He suggested to go with Montra and bought new one. Now I am using Montra for all travelling need.

So far I have travelled 1400 km.

It is about three months now and gifting myself new hybrid bike. Going to buy Schiwnn Searcher 3(2016). And a change I am planing is to use MTB and hybrid bike on alternate days [OR even-odd formula?]. Will post about it.

For my Montra high end cycle I attached APRS so that dear ones can see me travelling. I have b’twin count 4 computer attached to check speed and distance I travel. Sometimes I use “sport tracker” android application to record speed, distance and calorie burnt. I am busy building “intelligent indicators” which I will write in detail later.

This write up will be incomplete if I do not mention my health benefit. Now I do not suffer with neck pain and back pain. I am getting very good sleep for about 5 hours. Which was hardly couple hours. Cycling also reduces anxiety. Big gain is I lost about 3 kgs weight.

I will keep telling you my cycle story.

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